Arma 3 BattlEye Ban Checker

Look up BattlEye bans for Arma 3 in bulk requests


This application works by creating a socket connection to BattlEye and sending UDP packets with GUIDs to check if they are banned.

Only Global Bans active in Arma 3 are listed. However, some old Arma 2 and DayZ bans may appear (pre 2014).

Banned accounts can be viewed by going to the following url:{id}.

A public REST API is available for developers to use. Every ip-address is limited to 50 requests per 10 minutes and maximum 1000 SteamIDs per request.


Method Path Parameters Description
GET /api/check/ steamids (comma separated) Check SteamIDs for BattlEye bans in Arma 3. Limited to 500 SteamIDs per call.
GET /api/checkFriends/ steamid Check friends of SteamID for BattlEye bans in Arma 3